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Author: Mike Darracott

Published: 17th October 2014

Lasers at the Ready!

Recently, we’ve been developing tailored geospatial solutions which integrate laser rangefinders. Laser rangefinders provide many benefits when used in conjunction with GNSS receivers, not least in enabling the user to accurately measure points that satellites cannot reach! There are also significant productivity gains, cost savings and safety improvements to be had. As part of developing these […]

Author: Mike Darracott

Published: 14th October 2014

It’s Sunny inside and outside the Igloo!

Here at GeoGRAFI, we have had a tremendously busy few months. Our focus has been on expansion and after securing inward investment from the North West Fund(NW4VC) we have been able to acquire a complementary business in Stockport-based Mobile GIS Services (MGISS). This significantly extends our customer base across existing and new markets, alongside key supply […]

Author: Mike Darracott

Published: 17th September 2014

I dreamed a dream by the Old Canal

For those of you who don’t recognise the words, the line is from the folk song Dirty Old Town, written by Ewan Maccoll, and popularised by both The Dubliners and The Pogues. The song is written about the industrial North of England, attributed with the birth of the Industrial Revolution, and without which we would […]