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BAP Precision Flint

The Flint from BAP Precision offers a rugged, lightweight, affordable first step into GNSS handheld devices. It’s a viable alternative to the MobileMapper 20 for people who are after an introduction to the powerful contribution GIS can make to workflows in a variety of operational areas.

Giving a fix to within 1-3m, and with built-in RAW data capture that can be used for post-processing, the Flint is ideal for fast geospatial surveys where time in the field is limited but accuracy is key.

Built-in USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and WWAN connectivity make this a flexible and adaptable piece of kit.

Don’t forget to look at the accessories to make life in the field that little bit easier….

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Accessories to make life in the field that little bit easier….

We’ve all been there, out in the field with so much left to do on the last ebb of the battery needing a spare or a car charger. MGISS’s accessories for all our geospatial solutions are designed to make your job that little bit easier and gain more productivity whatever the conditions. Our clients work in some of the most challenging environments in the world so whether you need extra power, increased data storage, rugged portability or custom connectivity, MGISS can help.


The Flint comes in a number of configurations:

Flint GNSS Accuracy Internal Storage Mobile Communications
S812H 1-2m 256 GB
S852H 1-2m 256 GB GPRS

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