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ProMark 220

The PM220 is the most cost-effective, dual-frequency network RTK rover on the market.

Incorporating GPS & GLONASS tracking, the PM220 receives both L1 and L2 frequencies, and communicates with handheld devices wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Meanwhile, the PM220 can provide added accuracy via a GSM/GPRS modem receiving RTK data to give the most precise position possible in the field.

Running state of the art software, the PM220 enables interoperability with a wide range of survey instruments and accessories to run complete survey jobs, including site calibration, stake out, and survey projects where total stations are used.

If you need accuracy and speed at a reasonable price, the PM220 is the product for you.

Don’t forget to check out the accessories available in the download below to make life in the field that little bit easier….

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Accessories to make life in the field that little bit easier….

We’ve all been there, out in the field with so much left to do on the last ebb of the battery needing a spare or a car charger. MGISS’s accessories for all our geospatial solutions are designed to make your job that little bit easier and gain more productivity whatever the conditions. Our clients work in some of the most challenging environments in the world so whether you need extra power, increased data storage, rugged portability or custom connectivity, MGISS can help.

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