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As-laid Surveys

Do you need to accurately position as-laid assets? How do you locate them efficiently without wasting time and money?

As-built surveys are required during or after completion of construction projects. The purpose of an as-built survey is to verify to both clients and regulators that the construction work authorised has been completed according to the same specifications set during the planning stage and shown in the site plan or GIS asset database. The as-built survey is also often used to show the client that a project under construction is conforming to regulations. MGISS knows that this can be time consuming and sometimes inaccurate and TopoGrafi-M can help with this. Download more details here.

Topografi-M runs on Windows and Android and features advanced GIS and GNSS capabilities for capturing, editing, and displaying geographic information quickly and efficiently. It can work with any mapping or survey grade GNSS receiver capable of delivering between submetre and centimetre positioning accuracy in real-time onto your digital OS map along with all other attributes about the asset and other utilities in proximity.

MGISS recommends this solution for utility contractors and engineers. For example TopoGrafi-M software running on the Panasonic Toughpad or the Trimble Juno 5 combined with GNSS receivers such as the Spectra Precision SP60, SP80 or the Trimble R2 would be ideal for utility contractors and engineers needing to complete as-built surveys thereby reducing inaccuracy and improving productivity.

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