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Asset Inventory and Inspection

Do you need to carry out highway asset management inspections or capture an inventory of the assets in question?

The road asset (including structures) is more than just the pavement. It also includes earthworks, drainage, safety barriers, lighting, signs, lines and the soft estate (grassland, trees and shrubs.) This valuable asset, ideally needs to be monitored and managed continually, and therefore requires asset management systems which are GIS based, to properly manage the asset information.

As the HAPMS (Highway and Pavement Management System), specification moves to the proposed IAMS (Integrated Asset Management System), MGISS knows how important it is to capture and manage data and we have developed solutions to accommodate both standards. Our TopoGrafi-M software can help with this. Download more details here.

MGISS creates an all in one software solution with TopoGrafi-M software running on the Panasonic Toughpad or the Trimble Juno 5, combining GNSS such as the Spectra Precision SP60, the SP80 or the Trimble R2 to help highways engineers and contractors needing to capture and update field data, reducing inefficiency and improving accuracy at the same time.

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