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Conductor Clearance

Do you extend, refurbish and maintain distribution lines across the overhead line network in the UK so homes and businesses receive their power safely?

Overhead lines can be extremely dangerous as they are often uninsulated, so it is vital there are no nearby objects that could either damage the lines or cause risk to people. Checks are frequently made in line with regulations to make sure the distribution lines are a specific distance from roads, buildings or the ground. MGISS understands how crucial these checks are and our software GeoGrafi-M can help. Download more details here.

MGISS recommends this solution for utility OHL contractors and Linesmen. For example GeoGrafi-M software running on the Mobile Mapper 50 (Android) combined with GNSS receivers and Spike laser rangefinder would be ideal for OHL contractors and Linesmen needing to manage their assets thereby reducing inaccuracy and customer minutes lost (CML’s) as well as improving safety.

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