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Digiterra Explorer

Digiterra Explorer is a field mapping, data collection and data processing software designed for GIS professionals. It can be an integral part of an enterprise-wide GIS solution and also equally well suited as a standalone spatial data capture and management tool. Digiterra provides the perfect field-to-office workflow. 

The much anticipated Version 8 is now available with a new adaptive graphical interface to enable easy handling by finger on Windows tablets. It will support OGC standard WMTS and WFS data sources for online mapping.

As a bonus, the software comes with SmartMapper, a free app to share DigiTerra mapping projects on Android smartphones and tablets. You will be able to view online and offline maps based on GPS positions, local projections and WGS/MGRS coordinates, using navigation functions, layer management and basic measurement options. 

‘We have been using DigiTerra Explorer to record the plants in our 200+ gardens with great success. The new units have greater accuracy and use GPS and GLONASS capability making it easier to work in difficult environments. Early indications from staff and contractors indicate that they are very easy to use but with the added bonus of being much faster, producing more records each day than previously.’ National Trust  

Key Features

  • Point/Line/Area measurement with GPS receivers 
  • Mobile AND desktop GIS within a single software 
  • Fast graphical engine to process large raster and vector files 
  • Individually designed reports and maps 
  • Offline tile-based background maps 
  •  Web Map Service (WMS) and Tile Map Server (TMS) support 
  • On-the-fly projection transformation
  • GPS camera solution: photo linking & geo-tagging 
  • Data synchronization with Dropbox 
  • Wide range of standard formats: zipped SHP, DXF, DGN, TIN, KML, KMZ, GML
  • SQLite geodatabase support: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard WKT, WKB formats 
  • Raster orientation 
  • Wide range of topological editing tools (sampling, buffer zone, polyline and polygon divisioning,
  • Handling multipart features, multiselection tool) to maintain and verify existing data
  • Built-in NTRIP client, data collection for post-processing 
  • Integration with external sensors (laser range finder, cable locator) 
  • ESRI ARCGIS and Google Earth compatibility


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