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ESRI ArcPad – £250 (ex VAT) per delegate.
Course outline:

  • ArcPad overview
  • Work with features and layers
  • Collecting data in ArcPad
  • Create new data using Quick Capture
  • Editing data in ArcPad
  • Check out and edit data


This course will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Work with layers in an ArcPad map.
  • Add an ArcGIS Online basemap as a background for an ArcPad map.
  • Quickly locate features in the field using queries and bookmarks.
  • Efficiently capture, edit, and move map features so they accurately represent real-world features.
  • Export layers from ArcMap to ArcPad and check out data for field use.
  • Perform disconnected editing in the field and check data back into a geo database.


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