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QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). As a free to download desktop GIS it is fully functional and supports an ever-increasing number of vector, raster, and database formats and geo-processing tools.

The full GIS package can be used for mapping, spatial queries, sketching, and GIS editing.  QGIS is an ideal desktop tool for use with field data capture systems and professional GPS/GNSS enabled devices. Companies such as Google and IBM, and many Governments utilise Open Source software and also contribute significantly to its development.

You can download QGIS here

MGISS have developed expertise in linking QGIS to geospatial databases, mobile applications and web-GIS services to enable end to end solutions.

We are delivering services such as basic and advanced training courses in conjunction with our mobile GIS solutions in applications such as Environment, Infrastructure and Public services.

Please contact us for advice about how we can help you or your organisation start using QGIS.

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