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Compact and lightweight, the TruPulseā„¢ 200 features “thru-the-lens” viewing so you know the laser energy is traveling directly along your line of sight. Because measurements are shown in the display, you never have to take your eyes off the target!

Take distance measurements up to 1,000m away without a reflective target. Results are displayed in feet, yards, or meters. An integrated tilt sensor allows you to measure horizontal or vertical distance and calculate an object’s height instantly by using the built-in three-shot routine. Download our product sheet here.

The “Closest” operating mode distinguishes near and far objects and identifies the closest target, and the “Farthest” mode allows you to lock on the farthest target and shoot distant features through brush and foliage. “Continuous” mode provides constant updates while locking on multiple targets. The TruPulse also features a “Brush Filter” mode.

You can instantly measure slope distance, inclination and azimuth and calculate horizontal and vertical distance – all with a single push of a button.

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