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UAV Consultancy

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or “drones” are an increasingly familiar sight in the skies, and have specific advantages over traditional methods of airborne and land-based data capture, mapping and inspection, from a cost and accessibility point of view.

As exciting as this appears, the technology needs to be considered carefully, as the requirements to operate professionally are, quite rightly, becoming increasingly regulated, and the sheer number of platforms, sensors and software on the market are vast.

Here at MGISS we are using UAV data in our project work, and are frequently asked about the technology compared to traditional surveying and mapping methods.

For those professionals interested in adopting the technology for a project or to provide a service, MGISS offers completely independent and impartial advice on the platforms, sensors and service providers alike.

MGISS can help you answer the following questions:-

– Is a UAV appropriate for my project?

– What type of platform (fixed wing, multi-rotor) and sensor combination can I use?

– How do I process and integrate the data into reporting, GIS and CAD systems?

– Is the solution cost-effective for my client?

MGISS also offer Discovery Days, where an organisation or group can see UAV technology in action, in their specific application area, and discuss its’ viability before building a business case.

We also partner with local commercially accredited operators to provide a solution where necessary.

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