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ArcGIS: powerful mapping and analytics software.

ArcGIS offers unique capabilities and flexible licensing for applying location-based analytics to your business practices. Gain greater insights using contextual tools to visualize and analyse your data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards and reports.

ArcGIS Pro is a powerful desktop GIS application for creating beautiful maps in 2D and 3D, analysing data, and developing geographic knowledge. Use this mapping and analytics application to examine spatial relationships; predict outcomes; and make better, data-driven decisions.

Available in 3 options: Basic; Standard; Advanced

Visualise, analyse and share projects with your team or anyone around the world.

Concise, easy-to-use & quick!

"A simple ArcGIS Field Maps workflow which publishes our 3d models direct to site, allows our Site Engineers to set out, captures the as constructed details and saves it back into our 3d models. It introduced huge time savings by capturing precision survey results from the field directly into our corporate GIS, CAD and document management systems."

Daryl Huckle, MG JV

MGISS solutions built on Esri ArcGIS Pro

Our Asset Capture solutions allow for the capture, update, maintenance and sharing of digital assets. Our solutions are primarily underpinned by systems such as ArcGIS Online/Enterprise, which means capture is happening into a federated system with a single version of the truth for each asset. Having a single version of the data truth is critical for asset integrity and means you can be confident when performing any analysis on your data.

Improved height and positional accuracy for ArcGIS Field Maps Users.
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A plug-in that rapidly transforms CAD layers to ArcGIS feature class.
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CS551 & CD535 compliant DDMS Drainage Surveys generated via ArcGIS Online.

Automate your STC25 compliant manhole surveys with Survey123

Automate your underground Utility detection, verification, and location.

GIS-based data capture to record and maintain buried asset data.

GIS-based data capture for accurate tree-mapping and relocation.

GIS-based data capture for accurate tracking and real-time measurement of habitats