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Ben’s Technical Tips: GNSS Metadata

Friday, 1st March 2019

GNSS Metadata is data recorded in the background whenever an asset is recorded. The data records a avariety of different statistics, number of satellites, correction type and accuracies.

But there are also some other statistics that can be equally useful in quality assessment. HDOP, PDOD, and VDOP are measures of dilution of precision (DOP). Essentially, if all of the satellites showing position are in one place, real accuracy is lowered, but that isn’t necessarily reported by accuracy statistics. Low values (<4) are good, high values are bad. Anything over 6 with modern GNSS receivers can be considered unusable.

Statistics such as correction age can also be useful. As the age of a correction increases, the reliability and accuracy decreases. Knowing the age of a correction can be indicative of why a point’s accuracy decreases.

Want to know more about how to collect this data? Contact us here.

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