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LSTC Go Digital with their OHL Inspections


LSTC needed to transfer from paper maps and offline mapping to a digital system able to assimilate with their own system in house. They were looking for an interactive cost-effective hybrid set up for their surveyors undertaking OHL Pole Inspections for DNOs.

The Challenge

LSTC had been using paper maps and off-line mapping to complete their OHL inspections. While the company was looking to update this system, it was a small margin service which meant some of the desired hardware and software was out of budget. Consequently, the inspector would complete the work on site and then post the hard copy paperwork back to base. If any information was not correct or was missing, then another hard copy pack had to be sent by post out to the inspector who then had to return to the site and complete it.

The Solution

Following consultation with us, LSTC deployed GeoGrafi-M software on 15 Panasonic ToughPads in the field which assimilates with the company’s engineered in-house software. Inspectors navigate to the correct asset through GeoGrafi-M and complete a linear question set before looping into the LSTC system and then back to GeoGrafi-M. All the completed inspections are synced to a central database in real time. Staff are able to configure all the work to be completed ahead of time and send it remotely to the surveyors who then plan their activity each week.


The software is performing well. LSTC has now dispensed with paper maps and has made a significant cost and time saving. The company is thousands of pounds in favour simply by having no paper, no printing ink and no postal costs. Furthermore, communication has vastly improved as they can now send a new work pack to the inspector without him/her having to leave site and plans can even be updated and sent back from the field within an hour, whereas before this would take days. This allows for better productivity with more inspections being completed in a shorter time while before it was taking one person three months of the year to complete LSTC’s inspections in total. The contract is also expanding so more surveyors will be deployed using GeoGrafi-M on this and other contracts for Environmental Assessments, access/consent planning and overhead line (OHL) inspections. “I think that GeoGrafi-M is an essential part of an inspector’s toolbox which should be issued to all inspectors going forward. We have found GeoGrafi-M to be a trustworthy and efficient software system which has already paid for itself. It has vastly improved the time spent on site and due to the real time download, allows staff to get more work done while they’re on site if anything more is needed. It’s simple to use and glitches are rare.” “MGISS has provided great technical support and responded quickly to software development requests and updates. I don’t think we’d ever go back to paper maps now!”