Hands free capture in the field: GM Tree Consultants plan and map with accuracy


Based in Darwen, Lancashire, GM Tree Consultants has provided arboricultural services to a number of local authorities, architects, planning consultants and land owners for the last nine years.

Led by Gary Marsden, GM Tree Consultants needed to produce BS 5837 surveys requiring much more detail than was possible with the software they were currently using. They needed a toolkit that was going to allow them to plan and map accurately whilst being cost effective.

The Challenge

GM Tree Consultants need to carry out BS5837 surveys on development sites where there were trees present in relation to design, demolition and construction producing a detailed report to accompany the client’s application for planning. Director and Principal Tree Consultant Gary Marsden wanted to find a solution where he could keep the cost down but the accuracy up.

“We evaluated what we needed and decided upon the Arrow 100 working with GeoGrafi-M and Keytree.” He said.

"The products are all compatible with each other and I feel that in taking this step I’ve taken measures to futureproof my business."

The Solution

GM Tree Consultants worked with MGISS, to identify the Arrow 100 GNSS receiver with GeoGrafi-M and Keytree as a fit. The Arrow 100 is a GPS/GNSS receiver manufactured by Eos Positioning Systems and distributed in the U.K. exclusively by MGISS.

Designed to be strapped to a utility vest, a backpack, a nylon pouch or a rangepole, the Arrow 100 can be carried hands-free through the field to capture high accuracy location metadata at an affordable cost. It does so by tapping into high-accuracy location metadata in even the most remote locations. It can then communicate this data, accurate to within a metre, to GeoGrafi-M via Bluetooth.

GeoGrafi-M software runs on Windows, Windows Mobile and Android. It can work with any built-in or external mapping-grade GNSS receiver, laser rangefinder or other sensors. It is capable of delivering positional accuracy from 1m to 1cm in real time onto your survey drawing or GIS layer.

“I can achieve so much more since I started using this solution.” Said Gary. “I’m getting high quality results using the Arrow 100 with GeoGrafi-M software on my Trimble Juno. I also use Keytree which enables me to combine collecting the data in the field with producing accurate CAD drawings.”

The Results

Using the Arrow 100 with GeoGrafi-M and Keytree has improved GM Tree Consultants’ efficiency and productivity.

“It’s fantastic.” Said Gary. “I can complete the BS5837 surveys in the required detail and the time savings. I also now have the equipment to speed up surveying VTA and mortgage surveys, this allows us to be more productive. The products are all compatible with each other and I feel that in taking this step I’ve taken measures to futureproof my business.”

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