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Driving Digital Transformation for the UK Water Industry

Thursday, 30th January 2020

MGISS attended the BIM4Water winter meeting in January. With a growing portfolio of clients in the Water sector, MGISS are supporting clients through digital transformation and this was an opportunity to network with industry professionals, increase the awareness of our solutions and support the BIM4Water initiatives.

BIM4Water is a cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the management and delivery of water and wastewater assets. As a supplier of geospatial solutions and services to the water industry, the event provided an opportunity to increase awareness of the work we are undertaking with asset owners and contractors. In particular providing support with improving data quality and sharing information to empower employees to make better informed, operational and strategic information by having access to easy-to-use technology for asset data collection and visualisation.

Various presentations were produced throughout the event. The first theme was touching on the mission to develop a standard process and procedure for the collection and management of data relating to products.

A suggestion was made that a core set of characteristics needs to be defined, with use cases and guidance, as the industry relies on the contractors providing valuable information to be handed over to the water companies.

This is an area in which MGISS are supporting contractors, providing form-based data entry solutions on smart devices, making it easy to input information accurately and efficiently. More information can be found including our case study here.

MGISS can be with you every step of the way with your journey through digital transformation. We can support your activities, provide examples and use cases to convince organisations to change and see the positive outcomes that can be delivered.

Next up was a detailed debate around the prominent topic of whether water companies will standardise their data. Sounds like the holy grail? To achieve this vision, water companies and contractors will need to engage with MGISS to help deliver this vision. We can help with the approach involving mapping existing classes, creating new classes and translation tables.

Location underpins all business decisions, and this is where MGISS, an independent geospatial consultancy, can add value and support to the water industry.

To hear about the latest stories, innovations and activities that MGISS are undertaking supporting clients through digital transformation, please sign up to our webinar on 26th February 2020

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The day was wrapped up by the BIM4Water chair with a reminder of the next date for the Summer meeting, 10th June 2020 at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. This event was a fantastic showcase for the Water Industry and MGISS are looking forward to working more with BIM4Water in 2020 and beyond.

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