Transforming Environment

Protecting the environment and promoting clean growth

Helping you meet your environmental targets and grow sustainably with smart asset management systems.

Our solutions help to turn spatial data into actionable intelligence, reducing harm to the planet and risks of environmental hazards on people, livelihoods and assets.

Trusted by government agencies, environment organisations and private corporations, MGISS aims to create a more sustainable future by increasing the efficiency and seamless delivery of critical infrastructure services.

The government is committed to increase tree planting to 30,000 hectares per year across the UK by 2025.

Source: Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Safeguarding our future

Reaching net-zero emissions will require development or enhancement of shared infrastructure. We equip your teams with geospatial insights to inform long-term planning, helping to conserve the natural world for future generations.

Our solutions help you to:

Reduce risks of harm from environmental hazards on people, livelihoods and assets

Guide smart decisions on land use, reflecting current and future environmental risks

Preserve protected areas by assessing long-term impact of infrastructure development on the environment

Data asset insights = accurate decision making = better services for customers

Want to master clean growth whilst protecting the environment?

Case Studies

Mapping boundaries: An investment in data quality capture for The National Trust
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Hands free capture in the field: GM Tree Consultants plan and map with accuracy
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Habitat conservation for wildlife: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust able to restore bog back to former glory
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"It allows us to have all the information we need with us in the field. These are extensive, complex networks, so we need to get it right first time."

Matthew Snelling is a Peatland Restoration Assistant for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust