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Z-Transform for ArcGIS is now available online on Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace
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Tech Climbers MGISS 2023
MGISS make the celebrated Tech Climbers list third time in a row
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MGISS Launches Z-Transform 2.0: Calculate Height Values In Real Time
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Why we developed our CAD Transform plugin
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What is a Map Projection?
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geospatial data
The Future of GIS: Trends and Innovations in Geospatial Technology
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MGISS Back to events

We’re now in the second cycle of post-pandemic return to normalcy in many aspects of our lives and events and exhibitions are a welcome break from the office, for many professionals throughout the UK and globally. For over a year,…

Webinar: Preventing Service Strikes with Situational Awareness

Date & Time: Thursday 09 February, 10:00 am GMT

Duration: 30 Minutes

In this webinar, we'll discuss and demonstrate how leveraging Augmented Reality technology from leading survey-grade AR App vGIS, can empower your workforce to improve safety and eliminate risks. Register for free here An efficient platform and mobile app – vGIS,…