How a GIS Consultant Can Help Your Business

Darius Mirdamadi | 16 September 2022

GIS consultant

Running a business can be stressful and time-consuming. When your business requires knowledge of the locations it operates in, using geospatial information systems (GIS) can help relieve some of that stress.

Mapping information relative to your business can give you the edge against your local competition as well as help you determine who your target customers might be and what their greatest needs are. GIS helps map, model, and analyse location-based data, such as age demographics.

Mapping extensive amounts of data require expertise in GIS. But if you don’t have someone in-house that understands how GIS works or how to map the datasets, who do you turn to?

A GIS consultant can step in, specialising in mapping, modelling, and further analysing the data already collected. This can provide visualisation you may not otherwise get.

GIS can help solve geographical issues and give you new business insights on how your data can be analysed. A GIS consultant is a perfect fit for implementing a plan according to your business goals.

Why You Should Hire a GIS Consultant for Your Business

Custom-designed databases, organised and concise data, and technology integration are in your future with the right GIS consultant for your business.

Improved Internal Communication

Consider the operational efficiency of your business. Are there structural issues or communication details that you can address to make the business even better?

Investing in a GIS consultant will help structure business data so you and your employees can visualise the data beyond a basic spreadsheet.

If multiple teams have access to this new visual data, the business will be more productive with cross-functional teams all working based on the same data. Shared and organised data will promote not only communication between teams but also participation in open discussions about the data and how it can be used to improve the business as a whole.

Predicting and Working on Trends 

Basic spreadsheets are one option for predicting and analysing potential industry trends relative to your business. But what about using the visual data mapped out by someone who specialises in GIS?

Hiring a GIS consultant means having access to modern GIS technology. Using this technology, you can view current trends and analyse the data you have to see how potential future trends will impact your business.

Simplify Record-Keeping

File cabinets, spreadsheets, and unorganised chaos are a thing of the past, with a GIS consultant helping your business.

A GIS consultant will provide more structure and organisation to your data, making it easier to analyse and move on. In addition, modern technology and statistical software will help to simplify record-keeping for more efficient analysis via spatial data layers and multiple datasets all held in the same database.

Allocating Resources with Efficiency

With data analysis comes the responsibility of acting on that data. Business decisions are reliant on accurate and organised data that can be viewed easily.

A GIS consultant can help to organise your business data into maps and models, providing both efficiency and ease of access for new perspectives and insights. With this, you can create more appropriate business plans and better allocate your structural and financial resources.

Improving Overall Business Operations 

What would happen if you had access to location-based data for your business? Consider a company like Amazon or Google. With location-based services available, businesses can tailor their product and service offerings to customers according to location. Providing better product recommendations based on location means improving overall business function and increasing customer satisfaction.

Integrating GIS Models into Business Planning 

Accurate data means better situational awareness. For example, where will your resources go this month? What about how to structure your business plan going forward?

Financial planning and GIS data go hand in hand. Using GIS data through a specialist, real-time data is available, meaning you can get a look at the big picture. How have your resources been used in the past? Where were the spots where you may have slipped up? Is there something that can be changed in the future?

Integrating GIS data into business planning means increasing effective planning measures and decreasing the number of bad business decisions/unnecessary costs.

Streamline Your Business Processes with Geospatial Technology from MGISS

With the smarter use of geospatial technology and geographic information systems, our team at MGISS can independently advise on growth, prevention, and resolutions for your business operations.

Our solutions help to streamline field operations and drive smarter, more profitable decision-making while reducing the risk of regulatory fines, customer complaints, and reputational damage.

If you’re in the market for new techniques in mapping, urban planning, traffic rerouting, etc., MGISS is ready to transform utilities, infrastructure, and environments related to your next project.

Contact us today to see how your business can benefit from the professional use of geographic information systems.


With degrees in Geological Sciences and Geographical Information Systems, Darius has significant expertise and knowledge of Geospatial tech integration, specialising in high-accuracy mobile GIS deployment. Darius is the technical lead for IPAS and supports other large GIS-centric contracts in the utilities sector. Combining GIS development skills and years of customer insight he was able to create some of our leading solutions Z-Transform and DDMS for Highways.