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Mapping Your World…to keep your Asset Management on track

Asset management of ageing infrastructure systems, in particular the challenge of keeping the vital services we rely on working efficiently, whilst dealing with climate change, and increased regulation, is a never-ending dilemma (trilemma even) for asset owners, public authorities and engineering service providers.

Asset owners hold vast amounts of information about their networks such as:

Location, Capacity, Status, Condition, Environment, Connectivity, Service type and History.

This relates to physical assets including the following:

Pipes, Cables, Poles, Masts, Service connections, Telemetry, Earthworks, Structures, Safety Features, etc.

These networks provide vital services to the public and business such as:

Electricity, Gas, Water, Telecommunications, Highways and Transportation, Drainage and Waste services.

Services and Networks across and between:

Communities, Cities, Countries and Continents.

The quality, consistency and currency of this data is variable at best.

Understanding how current/future technology and data can combine effectively to deliver business intelligence, resource efficiency, compliance and customer excellence, is something worth striving for, and more likely critical for the future of our cities and society.

We specialise in ensuring that asset data is fit for purpose, and the right technology is integrated to deliver operational excellence in the field.