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We understand the requirements of Highways England specifications, and deliver solutions to the industry that work for operators and end-users. 

Asset Inspections

MGISS have broad expertise in delivering successful field-to-office data capture and data management solutions within Highways applications from cyclical asset inspections, defect and conditions surveys and GIS data transformation.

Huge efficiency gains are being made by deploying simple, effective and timely mobile workflows, mapping software, technologies such as high-accuracy GNSS (GPS) and integrated database tools that enable seamless information sharing, reporting and robust data management.

Drainage Surveys

Potential problems, such as structural issues (fractures or collapse), tree root damage and silt levels are often identified by a drainage survey.

We work and integrate with mainstream GIS solutions such as ESRI, Bentley and Autodesk, alongside specialist Highways database management platforms such as Highstone (Claremont Control Systems). We are currently supporting solutions across the majority of the highway network in England, from drainage contractors to DBFO operators.