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Delivering measurement solutions and workflows for robust and compliant operational intelligence when it is most needed.

Conductor Clearance/Overhead Line Surveys

Vegetation management on overhead lines is vital to reduce the risk of outages (Customer Minutes Lost) and accidents caused by falling trees near conductors, ensure safety of people and buildings in proximity, and improve regulatory compliance.

Cyclical inspections are undertaken from the air and on the ground to make sure that power distribution lines are within regulation clearances from roads, buildings or the ground. MGISS understand how crucial these checks are and our measurement tools and workflows deliver robust and compliant solutions.

Pole Inspections

With millions of power poles across the globe, a large proportion of which are past their original design lifespan, frequent risk assessment and condition inspection is completed, in order to assess condition and prioritise replacement or refurbishment when necessary.

Managing the capture of this information along with timely reporting and remedial works is critical to effective maintenance operation for Distribution Network Operators and their contractors.

MGISS deliver both cost-effective measurement tools and seamless spatial data management workflows to enable field surveyors, cutting crews, and audit teams to work hand-in-hand, thereby enabling effective mapping, inspection, visualisation and reporting of works progress, robust asset inventory management and safety compliance.