Transforming Infrastructure

Creating seamless networks and improving efficiency in transportation

Helping you manage networks, future-proof service provision and preempt maintenance needs with smart asset management systems.

We provide infrastructure companies with deep, data-driven supervision of networks, enabling proactive maintenance planning, huge efficiency gains and effective disruption mitigation.

Our solutions help you improve efficiency both on-site and in office, reducing traffic management costs, improving safety and guiding long-term decision-making.

Over 40% of the local road network in the UK is classed as AMBER or RED by the Asphalt Industry Association (AIA), meaning they require maintenance within the next year.

Source: Highways Today, 2020

Complete network visibility

We equip your field operators with precision oversight for complex networks, helping you pinpoint weaknesses and target maintenance to prevent increased costs, disruption and infrastructure closure.

Our solutions help you to:

Reduce on site operation times, cutting traffic management costs

Make better whole-life decisions, improving longevity of assets

Target intervention measures with precision, understanding the present needs of assets together with predicted future needs

Identify programmes of work to maintain asset condition and performance

Data asset insights = accurate decision making = better services for customers

Calculate your vehicle carbon usage


How big is your vehicle’s carbon footprint?

Transport contributes around one fifth of global CO2 emissions, with road passenger vehicles accounting for 45.1% of transport emissions.

Different vehicles have different emissions rates. Knowing your vehicle’s carbon footprint is the first step towards reducing emissions and making greener choices that will help protect the planet.

Our Carbon Calculator allows you to pinpoint your vehicle’s emissions profile.

Simply enter your car size, fuel type and miles per gallon to find out your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Car Size



0 kg CO2 equivalent

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Want to preempt disruptions and gain complete network visibility?

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