Leica Zeno GNSS Antennas

Affordable GNSS Receivers delivering high-accuracy data-capture.

Experience unparalleled accuracy and data collection efficiency with Leica Geosystems GNSS receivers, available from MGISS.

Leica Geosystems is a world-renowned leader in GNSS technology, offering a comprehensive range of high-performance receivers designed for professionals across various industries. From construction and surveying to agriculture and GIS, Leica GNSS receivers empower users to capture precise location data quickly and reliably.

Built to withstand harsh environments, Leica’s receivers are a trusted companion for any field application. Benefit from a suite of innovative features, including real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, multi-constellation GNSS support, and seamless data collection software integration.

Unbeatable time-savings

"Unfortunately, it used to take 80 days from a main being laid to it going onto our records. With GNSS we can do it live."

Martin Oliver, Severn Trent


Easy and accurate, every time

"Using the GNSS equipment itself has been straightforward and made simple, through the user-friendly setup. The kit has allowed us to capture underground assets in a speedy fashion and with the most accurate means of recording the location of them too, down to the centimetre."

Chris McCarte, Energy Assets.

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Choosing the right receiver

When choosing the right GNSS receiver, you need to consider your application requirements.  What environment will you be working in – open space, built-up areas, under canopy?  What level of cm accuracy do you need?  How rugged does the device need to be?

All Leica Zeno receivers work seamlessly with all GIS software and with any Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices, enabling you to benefit from existing hardware.

However, if you don’t have existing mobile devices, MGISS can recommend the best devices based on your business requirements.

MGISS has worked with almost every brand out there, so we’re perfectly positioned to offer impartial advice on the best GNSS receiver for your needs.  We’ve helped many customers trial different brands ensuring they purchase the right device for them.

As the authorised UK distributor for Leica Zeno and Arrow Series® GNSS Receivers, MGISS can provide a fast turnaround for sales and hires of all the receivers and accessories


GNSS receivers receive and process signals from GNSS satellites to provide data related to position, velocity and time.

Precise point positioning (PPP) technology makes it possible to achieve centimetre-level accuracy in real-time on any continent when there is no base station and connection to a regional reference station network or mobile internet is unavailable.

The process of generating corrections with PPP technology works similarly to RTK bridging. The only difference is in the correction data sent to the geostationary satellite which contains parameters and information that allow a centimetre-level position to be computed independent of any other RTK correction data.

The latest developments in these technologies enable users to stream RTK bridging and PPP correction data over the mobile internet to compatible GNSS sensors, providing a way to ensure continuous availability and coverage anywhere in the world.