MGISS Acquires three accreditations from International Organisation for Standardisation.

MGISS | 14 July 2022

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MGISS proudly demonstrates its environmental, information security and quality management credentials by acquiring three accreditations from the International Organisation for Standardisation.

Geospatial Data Engineering firm MGISS has shown its aptitude for meeting the needs and enhancing the experience of its customers, employees and suppliers, by acquiring the ISO27001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications.

Specialists in providing infrastructure, utility and environmental organisations with accurate and authoritative data truths, MGISS provides deep, real-time insights to help clients future-proof their services.

Staying at the forefront of this cutting-edge sector requires MGISS to continually review and improve its policies, systems and frameworks to ensure excellence across the organisation. 

By electing to attain ISO accreditation in three key areas, MGISS has signaled its aptitude for protecting sensitive information, reducing its environmental impact, continuously improving its service and remaining compliant with statutory and legal requirements pertinent to its operations.

The benefits to clients and employees are manifold. ISO27001 Signals aptitude in effective information security management systems, ensuring the business securely stores confidential information; both on and offline. 

ISO14001 demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and ISO9001 highlights the continuous effort to control and improve the quality of service the business provides. The three accreditations also test the organisation’s compliance to laws and regulations within the aforementioned areas. 

In short, the certifications further establish MGISS as a truly reliable organisation that puts its customers, employees and suppliers’ needs at the heart of its operations. 

MGISS Managing Director, Michael Darracott had this to say:

“The team here is incredibly proud of being ISO accredited. The certifications highlight MGISS’ continual desire to improve our service to customers as well as enhancing the capability and wellbeing of our employees. The robust policies MGISS has created since its inception show our commitment to safeguarding clients, employees and the environment in every action we take, while effectively controlling and improving the quality of our service. Clients can rest assured that MGISS remains at the forefront of innovation within its field and that we’re willing to voluntarily expose ourselves to an external authority to prove it. The latest certifications come alongside significant new product developments, new branding and numerous new team members.”

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