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Our partner ecosystem uses industry-leading GIS solution providers such as Esri and vGIS to deliver the UK’s number one service in geospatial technology.

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Esri is one of the worlds largest privately held software businesses, Esri UK are one of the 80 Distributors for Esri around the world.

My role working with our 90 UK EPN Partners, is to drive collaboration. We’re very customer success driven as an organisation, and therefore the Partners that really flourish are the ones that also have that aim and ambition. We make our joint customers more successful.

MGISS is a specialist Partner that understands and delivers both the data consultancy and hardware for high accuracy positioning. So when a customer needs to collect, manage and process data that has a high accuracy component to it, in our world MGISS is that preferred UK Partner. MGISS delivers consultancy, advice, services, training, and hardware for customers who need highly accurate location data. The data is collected, analysed and shared using the Esri system, and that’s where we come together.

One of the market trends to talk about is the increased need to capture data in the field and make that available for use in a GIS system. Traditionally data was captured in a manual way i.e. on paper however organisations are rethinking the amount of time, the amount of error, the lack of shareability and this is driving the movement into digital field data capture. Which is where MGISS and Esri sit together in this. There are also micro-trends we are working on together, such as virtual reality in the field.

We give MGISS the ability to resell our software, and we only give that to our trusted partners. Esri measure the success of a partnership using various of criteria – but from a financial perspective, one of the reasons MGISS is such a highly regarded Partner is not just because of their specialism or the niche part they play in the Partner Ecosystem, it’s also because of the significant size of Esri adoption they influence.

And finally it’s important to talk about that trust element because we do see MGISS as an extension to our organisation. They are one of the most highly regarded Esri UK partners and we work closely to deliver mutual customer success.

Right away from the start we could see the potential of working with MGISS, and now it’s a genuine partnership where we are stronger working together.

– Katie Lloyd Wilkinson, Partner Manager at Esri UK

vGIS Inc. (vGIS) is a leading augmented reality solution for spatial data, excelling at visualising spatial data with high accuracy in the field.

My name is Alec, I am the founder of vGIS and I am the main point of contact liaison between vGIS and MGISS.

The main trend is that there is a need right now in the industry for the solution we offer, and we see the growing adoption across multiple industries and multiple global companies, and it’s critical for us to have a Partner in the UK, so MGISS is our Partner in the UK who represents us.

It’s important to have that representation in the UK, firstly because dealing with a local Partner is a lot easier than working with someone remotely, and secondly because MGISS has an impeccable reputation and a local market penetration which helps us both ways. MGISS can provide services and solutions that typically complement its offering with vGIS. vGIS on the other hand gains new clients in the UK through the partnership, so it’s mutually beneficial.

We tend to work with very few Partners as our preference is not on the number of Partners but rather the quality, so a calculated decision was made for MGISS to be our sole Partner in the UK. Our preference is to maintain it that way, it simplifies the work for everybody.

Though the software is ours and therefore any technical issues are resolved by us, MGISS do provide helpful points in reference to the local geomatics market and how different components of that can be structured, and MGISS provide valuable information about the local state and how we can make the system work better in the local UK market with an aim for a positive financial impact. Having a local Partner that specialises in Geomatics and Geomatics equivalent helps us to provide services and provide equipment and engage with customers that we wouldn’t be able to service otherwise.

We connected with MGISS through a referral channel – our goal was to work with somebody we could trust. Our relationship continues to grow and encompasses everything we need in a local Partner. This is why we continue to engage with MGISS exclusively in the UK.

– Alexandre Pestov, Founder of vGIS Inc.

Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.,® (Eos) is the award-winning North American manufacturer of Arrow Series® GNSS receivers, designed to make high-accuracy mobile mapping simple and affordable.

As the founder of Eos, my role is to make sure that the relationship between Eos and MGISS is aligned with both parties’ business goals and values. My role is to provide MGISS with all the tools they need in order to represent our brand and to support their customers in regards to our products & solutions.

Partnering with MGISS allowed us to extend our reach in the UK while ensuring a good representation of our products and brand with the expertise MGISS has in the GIS industry.

MGISS demonstrates an expertise in GNSS, GIS, and related hardware and software technologies. The services they provide often include use of GNSS receivers, such as the Arrow Series ® GNSS receivers, as well as related technologies made by the joint partners of Eos and MGISS. This makes the team at MGISS well equipped to work with Eos Positioning Systems in the UK.

Trusting that the quality and the level of service provided by MGISS to its customers are aligned with Eos‘ vision, Eos can rely confidently on their presence in the UK and their knowledge of the market while Eos focuses its efforts on what we do best: manufacturing and constantly improving our products.

The MGISS team is always easy to contact and open minded. We also share common goals and their growth mindset makes them easy to work with.

Sharing a common emphasis on creating a positive customer experience is a must for Eos to partner with any company. The MGISS desire and track record of doing this makes our team feel good about the relationship that has been created between the two companies.

Specifically, MGISS creates a close proximity between the Eos GNSS hardware that we manufacture in Canada, and the end user across the pond in the UK. The feedback we receive from customers that they are happy with the service provided by MGISS in person makes us know that we are better serving our existing and potential clients by having a trusted partner located in this part of the world.

Jean-Yves Lauture, founder of Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.

Leica Geosystems are part of the Hexagon AB group. With close to 200 years of pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems solutions are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyse and present spatial information.

Speaking as the survey industry business director, we have a segmented strategy focused on Heavy Construction Building Solutions and Geospatial Surveying which is all about data capture and data management and this is where the link to MGISS comes in.

You can’t build a bridge or a road without understanding the environment and that could be the underground utilities information, or it could be access links, and that is the essence of a Geographical Information System (GIS) the key word being ‘Information’; geographical information about your environment. It’s location-based information.

The link between Leica Geosystems and MGISS is that Leica manufactures measurement technology such as GNSS Global Navigation Satellite receivers, but also develops software that can make the connectivity from the actual data and software. The link is the expertise that MGISS brings, the consultation and service that enables the leverage of data and putting that data to work. That’s where I see the partnership thriving; the link between MGISS ’expertise and service, and data management with an appreciation of the hardware, and making that link into a customer’s systems.

We leverage the opportunity to send MGISS experts in to support end user customers – with a utility company for example – and focus on understanding their pain points, developing the system and tailoring the solution to the customer’s needs. To give that kind of deep level consultation is the strength of the partnership through MGISS.

It’s having that support mechanism, having that opportunity through a trusted partnership to be able to share information about a customer’s needs, knowing that that collaboration and trust is there, enabling customer success through a partner ecosystem and collaboration. Winning business is facilitated by the expertise and knowledge that MGISS brings to our systems and solutions and that partnership means everyone profits. Fundamentally, the importance of a trusted partner is that we all benefit.

James Whitworth, Survey Industry Business Director for Leica Geosystems UK

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