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GeoGrafi-M is a complete mobile field mapping and data collection software developed in the UK, specifically for the UK market, focusing on large-scale Ordnance Survey Mapping, a simpler data capture interface, and designed for small data capture applications right through to full to asset management system integration.

GeoGrafi-M software runs on Windows, Windows Mobile and Android. It can work with any built-in or external mapping-grade GNSS receiver, laser rangefinder or other sensors. It is capable of delivering positional accuracy from 1m to 1cm in real-time onto your survey drawing or GIS layer.

There are an exhaustive number of reasons to switch to Geo-M:
  • Geo-M software interface controlled independently by MGISS
  • Windows, Windows Mobile and Android versions available now
  • Planned version for Apple iOS (likely 2018)
  • Regular software updates
  • MGISS are an Ordnance Survey licensed partner and offer a fully hosted OS mapping service (WMS) and OS MasterMap site-centred data
  • Form/template included based on your existing Digiterra workflow Eg: BS5837 inspection, as-built etc.
  • Direct linkage to Relational Database Management Systems including PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle, and Inspection based surveys (parent and child)
  • Photograph with and redline/markup using attributes
  • Integrated links to all laser rangefinders (Trupulse, MDL and Spike “new!”)
  • Digiterra data compatible via export/import with all links to GIS, CAD and databases
  • Access to the complete Grafi SpatialHub solution (additional licence fees may apply)


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