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ESRI Survey 123 for Arc GIS

ESRI Survey 123 for Arc GIS

Capture form-based data using Survey123 for ArcGIS. 

Replace unreliable paper-based data collection with a reliable digital solution that fits the needs of field operatives in any environments.   

Survey123 for ArcGIS is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys possible in just three easy steps: 

Survey123 for ArcGIS supports the XLSForm specification and has the capability to connect seamlessly to High-accuracy GNSS (GPS) receivers such as the Arrow series, and also with Laser rangefinder devices such as Spike. 

MGISS have expertise in developing Survey123 workflows and integrated hardware/software solutions for several applications areas, either standalone or as part of a complete ESRI enterprise solution. 

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