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The #1 utility-grade augmented reality (AR) system for Esri GIS designed for utility companies, contractors and local authorities. vGIS Utilities transforms traditional “flat” GIS data into augmented reality displays and holograms overlain on your view of a physical job site.

Use a device already in your pocket—Android phone, iPhone, or a tablet—or even the futuristic Microsoft HoloLens to “see” your underground utility infrastructure as you tour a work area. Water pipes, sewage systems, gas and electrical lines appear in your field of view as a natural extension of the real world.

  • Locate faster
  • Respond faster
  • See asset relationships
  • Improve safety
  • Easy to adopt
  • Any environment

vGIS creates instant awareness of your surroundings, saving you time and helping you avoid costly mistakes. Explore the case study below to learn more about vGIS’s real-life benefits.

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vGIS - The Most Advanced Augmented Reality System for GIS and BIM

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