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Geospatial Consultancy

Spatial data deals with the fact that everything happens somewhere, and here at MGISS we are committed to using our geospatial knowledge to improve yours.

With vast experience in delivering geospatial technology integration within digital transformation projects, MGISS are enabling people, business and government to be more productive and effective by providing independent and informed advice on spatial data quality, veracity, integration and management. 

Ensuring that your spatial data is fit-for-future is our priorityGaining real value from spatial data is yours. 

Along with knowledge transferproject lifecycle support and some straight forward problem-solving, MGISS deliver embedded products, services and solutions to meet the needs of critical infrastructure, government, public services and the environment.   

Spatial data quality requires continual effort and cannot be a “fixed” at a point in time. This is why geospatial technologies combining to provide cost-effective, simple-to-use workflows can be adopted more readily and deliver long-term value for businesses, industry and society.