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Delivery Methods

Virtual and Onsite method options

Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training offering is fully live and interactive, delivered in real time over the internet and allows you to take a training course from the convenience of your own desktop. Using online meeting software, we deliver real-time online classes led by expert GIS Trainers. This method saves any travel time, positively impacts the environment, whilst getting the full value from hands-on training, with the ability to participate and collaborate online, discuss the course with the trainer and the other delegates just like in the classroom.

Onsite Training

Our Onsite training capabilities enables you to run any of our courses at your organisation’s location, convenient and flexible, you will be trained on site by one of our GIS experts where we will able able to transfer our knowledge to you and your colleagues. Onsite training is only compatible with our Bespoke training, meaning you can tailor the session to fulfil your specific requirements.

MGISS will supply the instructor, training materials and devices which are pre-loaded with software and training data to be used throughout the course. Note that for onsite training, we require a meeting room with Wi-Fi, a projector and parking facilities.

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