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Asset Surveys require high accuracy GNSS/GPS to accurately plot the location of new, or inaccurately plotted assets, in 3 dimensions. To do so, high accuracy transformation and geoid models need to be used.  

The survey training course provides your patrollers with the training they need to get the most out of the hardware. As well as an overview to the hardware and software, we will make sure your patrollers can work quickly and efficiently in the field. Meanwhile, we will provide your office staff with the knowledge needed to optimise outputs and support the patrollers, helping speed up your workflow. Each session can be customised to make sure you get precisely what you need. 


  • MobileMapper 50 setup and configuration with the SP60 
  • MobileMapper 50 and SP60 hardware overview 
  • Introduction to GNSS 
  • GeoGrafi-M installation 



  • Introduction to GNSS 
  • Syncing Data 
  • Job Management 
  • Collecting Data 
  • Settings 


  • Program setup 
  • Introduction to GIS 
  • Form management 
  • Syncing data 
  • Exporting data 
  • Job statistic 
  • Parent and Child forms
  • Database management and integration 
  • Automated workflows 
  • Output templates 
  • Advanced settings 

All training sessions come with access to the MGISS Training Portal, and training documentation.