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High-accuracy Data Capture Solution

A full range of data capture solutions | Leica and Eos GNSS hardware | Esri ArcGIS & Off the shelf industry compliant survey forms | Data analysis & bespoke reporting services

vGIS: Situational Awareness

Expand the use of your CAD, BIM, GIS and 3D scan (reality capture) data with leading engineering-grade augmented reality AR.

DDMS for Highways for ArcGIS

An out-of-the-box solution for CS 551 & CD 535 compliant DDMS Drainage surveys.

CAD Transform for ArcGIS

A plug-in for ArcGIS which rapidly transforms CAD layers to an ArcGIS feature class or feature layer in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise

Z-Transform for ArcGIS

A off the shelf plug-in for improved height and positional accuracy for ArcGIS Field Maps users


IPAS (Interruption Prevention Alert Service) is a next-generation risk alert solution

Delivering smart asset management technology that empower operators in the field and leaders in the boardroom.

Deep, data-driven insight is key to the continued success of critical infrastructure services.

Our solutions help you future-proof your operations and preempt disruptions, minimising consumer complaints, driving more profitable decision-making and keeping you one step ahead.


A data-centric approach to improving asset performance based on four pillars of cutting edge geospatial technology

Leveraging high performing technology and data, we combine the essential components to provide simple workflows to place data truth in the hands of your engineers, field operatives, contractors and boardroom leaders.

Our solutions work together to deliver the optimal and most cost-effective smart asset management system, taking you from Location to Insight.

Precision, connectivity and vision

Connected, true 3D data and visualisation for infrastructure and asset management

Asset Location helps you to locate assets quickly and efficiently during reactive asset response and cyclical maintenance, providing you with seamless and secure field-to-enterprise data.

We deliver:
  • Reliable, real time multi dimensional positioning
  • Simple asset location and inspection workfiows
  • Enterprise data interoperability toolset
  • Automated dashboards, reporting situational awareness
  • Complete visibility of your asset network for field operations
  • Efficient cyclical inspection programmes
  • 360 degree operational and situational awareness
Location pin Wavy square in dots
App services

Combining multiple mapping apps into fully integrated, seamless workflows

Asset Capture enables you to map your assets in a precise, cost-effective manner, giving you real time updates as change happens.

We deliver:
  • Building upon the multidimensional positioning of Asset Location, Asset Capture provides you with rich attribution to support data analysis
  • Z Transform™ for 3D data capture and data connectivity
  • Enterprise data interoperability toolset
  • Automated dashboards, reporting situational awareness
  • 3D connectivity for visualisation, modelling and tracing
  • Seamless, bi-directional data truth
  • Faster, more productive field operations
Hosted services

Affordable cloud access to a rich suite of integrated spatial services

Data Quality Improvement empowers your organisation to measure asset data with accuracy and maintain the integrity of your database as a valuable enterprise resource.

We deliver:
  • Spatial data optimisation for asset repositories
  • API integration and mapping data management
  • Automated data validation
  • Alignment with enterprise asset data
  • Secure enterprise access to seamless mapping data services
  • Single source of the data truth as an enterprise asset
  • Improved data governance to support regulatory reporting and compliance
Analytical insights

Data-driven analytics combining asset data and mapping intelligence

Asset Insight allows you to unlock the value of data, leveraging machine learning, augmented reality, and satellite-based change detection to turn spatial data into actionable intelligence.

We deliver:
  • Merging and integration of multiple data services for visual insight via augmented, providing early identification of asset risk exposure across networks
  • Leveraging the rich attribution information from asset data with analytical data, artificial intelligence and machine learning services
  • Anticipating, managing and mitigating service disruption events to keep infrastructure running
  • More productive asset maintenance and upgrade programmes that maintains focus on the assets that matter most
  • Safer working environment, minimising risk and service interruptions

With satellite positioning technology, recording of asset locations is now easier than ever​ using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) ​as the primary tool​​.

MGISS provides trust in asset data accuracy down to 1cm between an asset location on a digital map and it’s actual location in the real world

Our solutions also improve


Target investment and optimise resources for field operations


Reduce costly and dangerous utility strike events

Data quality

Build an accurate and authoritative source of the data truth as an enterprise resource

Geospatial Asset Data Quality

Accurate and authoritative data efficiently connects teams in the field to assets that need immediate attention improving safety, increasing productivity and providing board members with deep insights into asset successes and failures.

Harnessed effectively, data is a crucial asset in driving smarter, more profitable business decisions.

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