Our solutions support our customers sustainability goals, through efficiency and delivery of high-quality data. Our location to insight journey, helps reduce emissions and minimises waste in operational workflows whilst capturing, managing, and analysing geospatial data – ensuring the most impactful geospatial insights.

Reducing our carbon footprint
In collaboration with ECO-I North West, part of Liverpool John Moores University’s Industry Innovation Zone, we’re monitoring the carbon impact of our daily activities. We want to reduce the impact of climate change and damage to the environment.

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We work in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Global Carbon Reduction initiatives.

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Reducing carbon footprint 

Read how our IPAS project (Interruption Prevention Alert Service) will support our customers carbon reduction goals.

Currently we are committed to an 8% reduction in 2023 and carbon neutrality, through offsetting engagement with our environmental clients and supply chain.

Read more on our collaboration with ECO-I, to create a carbon footprint calculator to clearly identify areas to be improved in various organisations and their processes to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Trees for Life

Recently we formed a partnership with Trees for Life (TFL), a multi-award-winning conservation charity reintroducing wildlife to the Scottish Highlands. We’ll be training the TFL team in using GIS technology to accurately capture geospatial data and teaching best practice of how to utilise asset insight.