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Michael Darracott
Managing Director

Michael founded MGISS in 2014 to combine his extensive experience in the utility and infrastructure sectors, with a desire to transform the way these industries think about the value of spatial data and sustainability. As a qualified Engineering Surveyor, Michael has worked across engineering, national mapping agencies, commercial technology providers and in surveying and design since 1995, and sees his role as “building bridges” between people, technology and sustainability as an aid to solving global challenges.

Kate Darracott

In a former life, Kate was a qualified Paediatric Nurse and spent over a decade caring for sick children. Kate also worked in a clinical research role and published a paper into oxygen saturation levels in children with cystic fibrosis. At MGISS, Kate will often be the first voice you hear when contacting us, and will always welcome you with a cheery and efficient response.

Dave George
Operations Director

With a background in COTS and Opensource development and database design, Dave has over 15 years of industry experience with utility and infrastructure asset owners. Dave’s expertise covers asset infrastructure development and geospatial technology provision, enabling seamless data management and achieving massive efficiency and cost savings with enterprise organisations.

Eamonn Prowse
Commercial Lead

Eamonn brings 40 years' experience of working with spatial data. From early beginnings as a field surveyor to roles at Executive level, he has worked in public and private sectors in a career combining operations, technology and commercial experience with substantial international experience. He is sure to impress with deep expertise in geospatial data acquisition, data capture, data management, earth observation... the list goes on.

Darius Mirdamadi
Product Manager

With degrees in Geological Sciences and Geographical Information Systems, Darius has significant expertise and knowledge of Geospatial tech integration, specialising in high-accuracy mobile GIS deployment. Darius is the technical lead for IPAS and supports other large GIS-centric contracts in the utilities sector. Combining GIS development skills and years of customer insight he was able to create some of our leading solutions Z-Transform and DDMS for Highways.

Sue Gilbert
Finance & Office Manager

Sue is a positive, analytical and results oriented finance manager who brings with her over 25 years of experience in her field. She is adept at streamlining daily financial operations & systems whilst translating complex data into actionable information to achieve strategic organizational goals. She believes that Life is just like accounting in that everything must be balanced.

Sarah Scott
Marketing Manager

With over 26 years in marketing, and almost 20 years within the surveying, mapping and constructions sectors, Sarah is no stranger to the industry. Originally trained as a graphic designer, she has a passion for marketing, web, graphics and data. Throughout her career, Sarah has been very much a "sleeves rolled up" team player, and has delivered systems, process and business transformation initiatives with a continual eye for detail and value.

Gareth Boyes
Lead Developer

Starting as a university cadet in the Royal Navy, Gareth pursued his passion for engineering, navigation and sailing working as a marine engineer and marine solicitor after graduation. Before joining MGISS, Gareth returned to university to study for an MSc in Geospatial Information Science, which led to researching Building Information Modelling and Geographic Information Systems (BIM/GIS) interoperability as part of a PhD.

Ed Coveney
GIS Consultant

Ed joined MGISS after completing his MSc in Geoinformatics from the University of Aalborg. With previous work experience in the land surveying industry and geospatial data supply, Ed has a well-rounded knowledge in geospatial technologies. Working with MGISS customers, suppliers and partners in equal measure, Ed is a now an established GIS consultant with a committed approach to customer care and technical support.

Julia Wadoń
Technical Support Analyst

Graduating with a First-Class BA in Geography from the University of Liverpool, Julia currently serves as a Technical Support Analyst at MGISS. Her professional focus centres on the seamless integration of geographical knowledge and technical support capabilities, contributing to effective solutions within the spatial technology domain.

Martin Shaw
Senior Business Development Manager

With more than 22 years' experience in the Geospatial world, Martin is proud to be considered a trusted advisor working for many long-standing utility clients. Martin is a passionate advocate for digital transformation and helping customers drive value and insight from location data, to solve some of their most urgent challenges. Martin understands how innovation, technology and collaboration can help clients improve their network management, for regulation, resilience, the environment and their customers

Wesley Boye-Doe
Customer Success Manager

Wes has over 5 years of customer facing experience and is a skilled professional with a background spanning from Recruitment to SaaS. Wesley has combined his customer experience skills with sales expertise throughout his career and has a driven mentality that enables him to be a key team player. Possessing an adaptable and coachable mindset, he looks to strengthen the Customer Success function at MGISS by developing deeper long-term client relationships and essentially enhancing the customer experience for all.

Zoe Darracott
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Zoe joined MGISS part-time to supplement her Psychology degree. She developed in her role as Wellbeing Lead for the business which has received recognition by the BIMA 100. A self-described Jack-of-all-trades, Zoe has developed many skills working in different roles at MGISS from Market Research to Employee Wellbeing. She has now got her Sales & Marketing Coordinator hat on, allowing her to exhibit her efficiency in organisation, process and internal and external comms.

Mike Cooper
Strategic Advisor

Mike has spent over 45 years in the surveying and Geospatial industries in both technical and commercial roles, across the UK and internationally. Mike is focused on developing MGISS as a leading geospatial services provider, creating collaborative and innovative partnerships to further grow the business in its core markets.

Stuart Thompson
Non-Executive Director

Stuart is an internationally experienced director, coach and consultant who helps CEO’s and senior directors build value and create successful companies. He is described as a driven, commercially astute, motivational director and outstanding executive coach. He has wide-ranging experience in multiple sectors such as energy, digital, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Stephen Clough
Non-Executive Director

Stephen qualified with PWC as a Chartered Accountant and he has extensive general, commercial and financial management experience built up in both the engineering and software/digital technology sectors. Stephen prides himself on his adaptability, positive team attitude and believes that building strong relationships is vital if aims, goals and ambitions are to be achieved.


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