The Multidimensional Approach to Asset Insight

Mike Cooper | 8 March 2021

To fully leverage and exploit asset data and deliver the efficiency, productivity and reliability requirements asset owners and managers are looking for, everything starts with the quality of the asset data source within a properly maintained and well-structured hierarchy. 

Quite some time ago, I dabbled within the HiFi arena writing a few articles with personal coaching from Ian Rankin, when he was editor of HiFi Review. Within the early 90’s, the shared wisdom of sound reproduction was the hierarchy of HiFi components, underpinned with the principle of a rubbish in, rubbish out philosophy; If the source isn’t up to standard, then the sound from the speakers will be poor and the musical insight diminished.  Purchasers of high end HiFi were encouraged to invest most of their hard-earned money in the music source; the turntable, in order to truly experience the music. 

Asset data is no different. At MGISS we encourage any asset owner or manager to first invest in putting together the necessary frameworks and infrastructure to capture, use and maintain an authoritative single source of the asset data truth. Only from such foundations can asset data be fully exploited and leveraged to deliver the insights required to run more efficient, productive, and reliable infrastructure services.

We can break Asset Insight or rather Applied Insight into a multi-dimensional approach to deliver an elevated understanding from which to design, build and maintain better infrastructure services. The unique nature of ‘spatial information’ is the very essence of our location to insight journey. 

Essentially the insight layer enables users to combine location accuracy, height, temporal, financial, environmental, operational and risk or resilience data to inform new ways of working. All in pursuit of asset optimisation and network performance improvements that can predict, and risk manage supply interruption events and the asset insights that asset owners and asset managers’ need.

The multidimensional approach to Asset Insight:

  • Spatial Insight: Providing authoritative quality information on the accuracy of the asset location (Eastings, Northings and Height data) to provide new visual insights such as an Augmented Reality 3D view of the hidden assets and a validated reference from which to link other datasets.
  • Temporal Insight: Automated capture of date and time information as attributes from which temporal analysis supports better decision making for asset maintenance, fault identification and strategic upgrade programmes.
  • Financial Insight: Integration of financial and costing systems with asset registries to run a range of analytical services to inform operational and strategic investment programmes to deliver improved productivity and efficiency savings.
  • Environmental Insight: Building in the sustainability of various asset classes against a range of location based environmental factors to improve green credentials.
  • Operational Insight: Integrating spatial information with the array of insight services to deliver predictive analysis for better and more efficient life-cycle management of assets.
  • Resilience Insight: Integrating assets with proximity risk services to build better safety and supply disruption avoidance models.

Mike Cooper, Strategy and Innovation Manager at MGISS

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Mike has spent over 45 years in the surveying and Geospatial industries in both technical and commercial roles, across the UK and internationally. Mike is focused on developing MGISS as a leading geospatial services provider, creating collaborative and innovative partnerships to further grow the business in its core markets.