Transforming Utilities

Optimising asset resilience and streamlining service supply

Helping you balance service reliability, regulatory compliance, safety and risk management through smart asset management systems.

We provide utilities companies with precise oversight of asset management, empowering better insights, better decision making and better services for their customers.

Our solutions help you to improve your asset performance and resilience by combining data capture, integration, visualisation and analytics to reduce supply interruptions and utility service downtime.

Since 2012-13 the sector has reduced the total supply interruption minutes experienced by customers by 114 million minutes, or 5.2 minutes per property in England and Wales.

Source: Ofwat service delivery report, 2019

Real time, multi-dimensional asset management

We equip your field operators with industry-leading geospatial technology, enabling your teams to work to within centimetre level accuracy when locating underground assets.


Our solutions help you to:

Improve asset performance whilst keeping bills affordable and creating a sustainable utilities future

Build resilience into assets, protecting assets from failure and services from disruption

Balance supply and demand of utilities under changing generation, encouraging network innovation

Data asset insights = accurate decision making = better services for customers

Every year, accidental strikes on underground pipes and cables cost the UK economy an estimated £1.2 billion and put lives at risk.

In 2019, the average reported number of water main bursts was 137 for every 100kms of network.

Calculate the carbon cost of your water leakage

Water loss is one of the biggest issues facing humanity, which is amplified by the challenges of climate change.

As climate change disrupts the water cycle, causing heat waves and flooding, a resilient water supply system is essential for ensuring people have access to clean, life-giving water.

Losses caused by damaged or legacy infrastructure threaten the strength of the supply system whilst also worsening the problem by contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Carbon Calculator enables you to measure the emissions rate of your company’s water use and leakage, accounting for water delivered through the mains supply network.

Simply enter your annual water usage to find out the carbon footprint of your company’s water use.


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A water story

January with sub-zero temperatures and one of our water utility clients receives news of a major pipe burst impacting many residential and business properties in the area.

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Want to minimise costly disruptions by helping your team find your assets faster?

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"They’re really key to us because the geospatial industry is so fast moving, and we’ve got to keep on top of it, and to do that we need experts around in times of business need."

Andy Hopkins, GIS and OT Architect at Northumbrian Water

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