Z-Transform for ArcGIS

A off the shelf plug-in for improved height and positional accuracy for ArcGIS Field Maps users

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Improved height and positional accuracy for ArcGIS Field Maps users

Improved height and positional accuracy for ArcGIS Field Maps users
The automated MGISS Z-Transform solution enables three-dimensional (3D) asset data capture when using ArcGIS Field Maps to ensure asset information is accurately aligned with Ordnance Survey mapping.

When access to authoritative height information is of critical importance, MGISS Z-Transform removes the complexity of applying highly technical geoid model transformations by running the calculations in the background via a simple plug-in for ArcGIS Field Maps.Real-time GB GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) transformations are applied directly into your ArcGIS Online hosted Feature Service. This solution is incorporated in the Asset Capture pillar of the Location To Insight journey.

Diagram Z-Transform

Key Features

  • Transforms GNSS altitude to Datum elevation (Real-time cm accurate UK elevation).
  • Supports ArcGIS Field Maps – one of the world’s leading asset capture apps.
  • Accurate to 2mm horizontal and 6mm vertical using the OS supplied transformation (OSTN15/OSGM15) to adjust geometries from RTK GNSS.
  • Additionally stores transformed coordinates and metadata as attributes.
  • Installed as an ArcGIS Pro Add-In.
  • Supports scheduling for near real-time processing.
  • Configuration and logging stored in the cloud.

Download the Z-Transform Datasheet for more

Z-Transform preview

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