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Spatial Data Management

We deliver effective spatial data management including the need to accurately georeference and link your assets. We provide digital platforms to view and analyse spatial data for better operational operational intelligence and reporting.
MGISS Data Handling

Data Validation

We understand the importance of data quality and accuracy within organisations. Business processes are driven by data captured from customers or third parties and can often be incorrect and require some form of validation to ensure the accuracy is of a standard not to impact business processes. We have demonstrable experience of improving data quality and implementing data validation rules for customers, ensuring further downstream processes operate efficiently. Our techniques for Data Validation include manual and automated steps to reduce data errors, some of these techniques include:

Data Cleansing 

We offer a specialist GIS data cleansing service to ensure your data is of a high quality and accuracy to allow better business decisions and reduce non value-added steps in processes. We approach data in three stages:

  • Cleanse historic data, review data and assess the current quality levels and understand data tolerances within your processes
  • Implement hybrid solutions incorporating technology and process to reduce data errors and prevent further data quality issues
  • A combination of both a historic data cleanse and implementing technology solutions

Data Translation

We can convert almost any data format and style set into interoperable GIS, CAD and spatial formats. We enable batch processing in the cloud and apply bi-directional rules to translated data to and from more than 150 formats. Our expert team are highly skilled in providing data translation skills to local government, utility and infrastructure sectors.

Data Digitisation

We have extensive experience in delivering GIS data digitisation projects, taking data from hard copy maps and documents or scanned images and converting them into a spatial format for GIS.