CAD Transform for ArcGIS

A plug-in for ArcGIS which rapidly transforms CAD layers to an ArcGIS feature class or feature layer in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise

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CADTransform by MGISS is a plug-in for Esri ArcGIS Pro which rapidly transforms CAD drawings to an ArcGIS feature class or feature layer in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.
In-built stringent validation is carried out to identify any incompatible objects whilst retaining colouring and symbology through the conversion. Rest assured that you will gain complete data interoperability whilst simplifying the integration between the platforms.
Why use CAD Transform?
  • Rapidly convert CAD (DWG) to ArcGIS Feature Class – instantly retain CAD layer drawing colours and styling, removing the need to restyle GIS layers
  • Publish directly to ArcGIS Online Feature layer and quickly share to other users/groups reducing publishing wait times
  • Split GIS layers separately based on CAD layers – no longer spend time and energy turning different layers on/off in your working process
  • Reduce map clutter and save costs on data storage in ArcGIS Online by discarding unnecessary GIS layers – only process essential GIS layers
  • Additionally discard unnecessary GIS fields to streamline your working process
  • Comprehensive CAD file validation – CAD Transform checks for coordinate system, valid geometries and valid extents for all layers, including issue reporting to highlight problems in the CAD file import process
  • ArcGIS Pro version 3.1 or above 
  • ArcGIS Pro Basic (or above) Installation
  • ArcGIS Pro should be configured with a Creator/Editor level Named User (*only if publishing to ArcGIS Online) 
  • Requires default ArcGIS Pro Python environment

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