The project

IPAS (Interruption Prevention Alert Service) is a next-generation risk alert solution, being developed with support from major UK utilities and the European Space Agency (ESA), to alleviate risk within proximity to critical assets across entire networks.

The platform harnesses satellite technology, asset geo-data and other third-party data intelligence to identify third party interference within close proximity to critical utility assets and enable more rapid operational response.

satellites IPAS

The result

Reduced supply interruptions, improved asset resilience and safety, and operational performance through keeping services running.  Asset Insight is invaluable for utility companies where climate change, ageing infrastructure and increased regulation are combining to present seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Why use IPAS?

  • Be proactive rather than reactive and reduce risk to projects. UK Water and Gas supply utilities have identified 3rd Party interference as a high-impact cause of supply disruption.
  • Remove the impact of supply interruption. 1 trillion litres of water is lost from the UK water network every year along with 300k tonnes of carbon emitted.  In addition, every ‘average’ minute lost over the regulatory threshold costs £3million, and the operational cost of interruptions is £2.4 billion per year – this all adds up to £billions in penalties and remediation costs.
  • Get complete network oversight. Monitoring large geographical areas can be difficult and requires significant investment, huge operational costs, and unnecessary carbon emissions. IPAS provides a cutting-edge solution, which detects risks from 3rd party interference. The platform harnesses the power of satellite data combined with accurate asset information to provide asset owners with a proactive risk alert service.
IPAS infographic

MGISS is developing IPAS as a unique and UK- specific insight service initially – based on a completely sustainable data methodology – using eyes in the sky to augment, identify, monitor, and notify critical asset hazards.

We’re actively recruiting utility partners to share use-cases and data so we can develop and deliver the most accurate alerts to UK utility companies.

Interested? Speak to a member of our team about how you can contribute to our innovative project.