Leading by example, MGISS is committed to ESG excellence. We’re harnessing GIS to not only empower our clients, but also achieve ambitious sustainability goals within our own operations.

ESG, standing for Environment, Social & Governance, is not a peripheral concen. We are proud of our attentiveness to retain top talent, and future-proof our operations. A strong ESG approach translates to a sustainable and resilient business model.

Let’s chart a greener & brighter future together.

ISO Accreditations

We have the following:

The three accreditations also test compliance to laws and regulations within the aforementioned areas.


Committed to safeguarding our planet, we implement the following to promote environmental responsibility:

We pride ourselves on the strength of our partnerships working with industry leaders such as Leica, EOS, and Esri.

We have also formed a sustainability partnership with Trees for Life, a multi-award-winning conservation charity reintroducing wildlife to the Scottish Highlands. We have leveraged our expertise to train the TFL team in all aspects of GIS, including supporting accurate field data capture and how to utilise geospatial data to better understand our natural resources.

Our partnership with Eco-i North West has produced a reliable an efficient method to calculate MGISS’ carbon output per month.

We help organisations reduce their carbon footprint and view a direct comparison from where they were – to where they are now, demonstrating their progress and commitment to sustainability. This is particularly useful when surveying on site, with the outcome being reduced necessary site visits and therefore reduction in carbon emissions.

Our IPAS (Interruption Prevention Alert Service) is an insight service based on a sustainable approach, using satellite technology to identify and monitor 3rd party interference near critical assets. This invaluable service is a truly innovative solution for operational management and a vital tool for risk management to client assets. Current methods of monitoring assets include regular flying programmes and line walking which are both expensive and generate a large carbon footprint. Utility organisations are looking to new ways of managing this growing risk and are supporting MGISS in the development of IPAS as an insight service based on a more sustainable approach using an eye in the sky to track 3rd party interference in close proximity to critical assets.


Investing in our people, MGISS fosters a culture of continuous learning and well-being:

MGISS empowers its team through continuous learning opportunities, including CPD programs, conferences, and networking events, fostering professional growth and connections with industry leaders. This commitment to employee development ensures a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, well-equipped to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Our values govern our day-to-day work, believing in an inclusive, positive, trustworthy and informed workforce. We’ve participated in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training with Health at Work to improve our outlook on everchanging work practices across all dynamics. Additionally, Mental Health First Aid and Awareness training with The Mind Map has helped us become more understanding and empathic towards each other and highlight the significance of mental health interventions.


In the past, we have supervised student projects and dissertations at University College London (UCL), for aspiring GIS Professionals on topics ranging from geospatial detection of assets, to positional accuracy of augmented reality in the built environment.

We recently sponsored a PhD student at University of Liverpool Centre for Doctoral Training in remote observation and urban analysis. These activities are supported by our Academic Liaison (Senior GIS Consultant) who also attends UCL careers fairs – to answer questions and support graduates about to embark on their career in GIS.


We are committed to, and fully compliant with, the standards set by ISO 27001, CyberEssentials, to combat cyber risk across our whole estate and in all interactions with our customers and wider society.

Our Information Management Systems Governance team meet regularly to assess and audit our processes and procedures, and all staff understand the risks and requirements with regard to security of systems and data, with regular scheduled and recorded training in place.

MGISS are fully insured across all areas of cyber risk and compliant with all current areas of legislation.

"Our partnership with MGISS will continue to support our work in restoring the globally unique Caledonian forest. Geospatial data will help us understand our natural resources and identify opportunities that will benefit both our landscape and local communities"

Catherine Faulkner, Partnerships Manager, Trees for Life