Mapping the G in ESG

Governance at MGISS covers four specific themes: Structure and Oversight, Purpose and Values, Transparency and Reporting, and Cybersecurity risk and Systems.

Structure and Oversight

MGISS has a fully transparent stakeholder map and a clear set of governance processes and procedures that comply with all relevant legislation, meets the needs of the business and its customers, and considers EDI (equity, diversity and inclusivity at board level and across the business)

This is backed up through our accreditation to ISO 9001 which requires all policies, processes and people to be robustly managed and maintained.

Purpose and Values

Our Purpose to Improve Lives through data-driven, sustainable infrastructure is both a reflection on our societal impact to date and a statement of intent to commit to create a better future for everyone using our competencies and deep experience in industry and the challenges we all face.

Our Values were evolved by consensus and a shared commitment across the entire MGISS team to embed into everything we do.  We work hard every day to ensure we are Trustworthy, Positive, Informed and Inclusive, and do not take for granted the position we hold with our customers, stakeholders and with each other.

The commitments made through our Workplace Wellbeing accreditation and through continual customer and employee engagement will ensure we are fit for purpose as a business and meet the daily needs of all stakeholders.

Cyber Risk and Systems

We are committed to, and fully compliant with, the standards set by ISO 27001, CyberEssentials, to combat cyber risk across our whole estate and in all interactions with our customers and wider society.

Our Information Management Systems Governance team meet regularly to assess and audit our processes and procedures, and all staff understand the risks and requirements with regard to security of systems and data, with regular scheduled and recorded training in place.

MGISS are fully insured across all areas of cyber risk and compliant with all current areas of legislation.