Real-Time 3D Visualisation

The MGISS Z-Transform Plugin service for ArcGIS Field Maps improves your geospatial data quality and asset value by providing true 3D positions to your assets using OSTN15 and OSGM15. Real-time GB GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) transformations are applied directly into your ArcGIS Online hosted Feature Service.

• Accurate to 2mm horizontal and 6mm vertical using the OS supplied transformation (OSTN15/OSGM15) to adjust geometries from RTK GNSS.
• Additionally stores transformed coordinates and meta data as attributes.
• Installed as an ArcGIS Pro Add-In.
• Supports scheduling for near real-time processing.
• Configuration and logging stored in cloud.

Download the Z-Transform Datasheet
Includes Key Benefits, Technical Requirements and Installation information
Z-Transform is Carnell approved!
Carnell’s Technical Services Manager Dave Nicosia said: “MGISS know our systems very well. They can identify where we can save time and money, and how to improve our workflow. The speed of support is impressive and it’s a pleasure to work with them.” View the Case Study.
Press Release
MGISS Launches Z-Transform 2.0: Calculate Height Values in Real Time