A data centric approach to improving asset performance.

Independently advising on the smarter use of Geospatial data, technology, and the digital transformation of field operations.

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Optimising asset resilience and streamlining service supply

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Creating seamless networks and improving efficiency in transportation

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Protecting the environment and promoting clean growth

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Data truth at your disposal

MGISS empowers critical infrastructure companies to operate more productively and efficiently with solutions that can be felt from teams in the field to leaders in the boardroom.

By capturing and maintaining accurate and authoritative data truth, MGISS connects you to your assets whilst providing deep, real time insights, helping to future-proof your services.

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PINPOINT (1CM) ASSET DATA ACCURACYWith the democratisation of satellite positioning technology, recording of asset locations to 1cm accuracy is now easier than ever with high accuracy satellite positioning (GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite System) as the primary tool.

Location to Insight

A data-centric approach to improving asset performance
Asset Location

Asset Location helps your field operatives to find assets faster, optimising your response times and operational maintenance processes.

Asset Capture

Asset Capture enables you to map your assets with precision, giving you real-time information as change happens.

Data Quality Improvement

Data Quality Improvement enables you to measure asset data with accuracy and maintain the integrity of your asset database as a valuable enterprise resource.

Asset Insight

Asset Insight unlocks the value of data, allowing you to leverage captured information and drive smart decision-making.

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57% of highway structures were built before 1980. Therefore many assets are now reaching their designed lifespan and require an increasing volume of work.

Source: Department of Transport Road Investment Strategy-2 (2020-25), 2020

Calculate your vehicle carbon usage


How big is your vehicle’s carbon footprint?

Transport contributes around one fifth of global CO2 emissions, with road passenger vehicles accounting for 45.1% of transport emissions.

Different vehicles have different emissions rates. Knowing your vehicle’s carbon footprint is the first step towards reducing emissions and making greener choices that will help protect the planet.

Our Carbon Calculator allows you to pinpoint your vehicle’s emissions profile.

Simply enter your car size, fuel type and miles per gallon to find out your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

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Empowering service providers to future-proof their assets

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Helping critical infrastructure companies future-proof their services using smart data

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Recent awards

North West Tech 50, 2019 (4th place) - Leading Liverpool City Region company

Tech Climbers list: 2019, 2021

Institute of Directors - Family Business Category, Finalist, 2019

Beauhurst Report - Top 20 Geospatial Software companies 2019

G-Cloud 12 award

BIMA 100 2021 - Students and Apprentices Category


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