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Estate Management

GeoGrafi-M can help you more effectively measure, record, visualise, plan and communicate your aims you can strategically organise your farm, forest or estate management activities especially when you need to to show information on the various aspects.

We know it can be difficult to keep on top of these tasks and GeoGrafi-M can help achieve this more efficiently. Download more details here. It runs on Windows Mobile and Android and can work with any mapping grade GNSS receiver and laser rangefinders. It is capable of delivering between submetre and decimetre positioning accuracy in real-time onto your digital OS map along with all other attributes such as tenancies, ownerships, properties, crops, utilities and rights of way.

MGISS recommends this solution for Estate Managers. For example GeoGrafi-M software running on the Panasonic Toughpad or a Mobile Mapper 50 combined with with the Arrow GNSS series or the Trimble R1 would be ideal for Estate Managers needing to oversee their assets thereby reducing inaccuracy and improving productivity.

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